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Flying Cloud

, New York
Last Modified May 28, 2024
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Flying Cloud

, New York


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📍 Current Location: Fairport, NY 14450
🏞️ Exterior Condition: Impeccable with original aluminum body, no hail or filiform damage
🛋️ Interior Layout: Sunlit maple decor, Seattle Mist Ultraleather, innovative rear corner bed
🔧 Maintenance and Upgrades: Recently replaced water pump, black water tank, and hot water heater controller
🌐 Tech-Ready: Equipped with Airstream Connected Wi-Fi system, backup camera, and 90W solar panel

Google High Res Photos:

Explore the freedom of the open road with this impeccably maintained 2022 Airstream Flying Cloud, currently parked in Fairport, NY. Boasting a clear title from NY and up-to-date registration, this travel trailer embodies the spirit of adventure with its compact yet spacious design, perfect for solo travelers or small families. With a length of 23 feet and the benefit of a double axle, it offers stability and ease of towing that is unparalleled in smaller models.

Detailed Overview

Travel-Ready Exterior: The exterior of this Airstream has been kept in pristine condition, covered during its first winter and never sustaining any hail damage. All original aluminum panels, powered roof vents with Maxair covers, and manual awnings that have barely been used present a ready-to-go condition. Small spots of surface rust on the frame have been noted but are superficial and typical for its age.

Comfortable and Stylish Interior: Inside, the Airstream features an inviting sunlit maple decor complemented by Seattle Mist Ultraleather upholstery. The layout includes a rear corner bed, a convertible dinette at the front, and additional sleeping options on the side bench. Interior features like original cabinetry, a fully operational kitchen with a Furrion RV stove, and a Nova Kool refrigerator ensure home comforts on the road. The interior is original and well-maintained, with no pets or smoking history.

Modern Conveniences: This model is equipped with modern amenities such as a Dometic air conditioner with a heat pump, a Bluetooth-enabled sound system, and a rooftop solar panel. The included backup camera and Wi-Fi system enhance connectivity and safety during travels.

Maintenance and Documentation: Recent maintenance includes a replaced water pump, black water tank, and controller for the tankless hot water heater, ensuring the trailer’s systems are in peak condition. All necessary documentation, including a clear title and current registration, is available and transparent.

For those interested in a guided tour or further details, reach out at [email protected]. Whether opting for a virtual showing or planning an in-person visit in Fairport, NY, this Airstream is poised to continue its journey with a new owner who cherishes the freedom of travel and the quality of Airstream living.



VIN or Serial Number:


Trailer Mileage:

Has been towed 11,790 miles

Title Status:

Clear Title

Title State:


Current Registration?


State of Registration:


Location Details:


When did you purchase?


Ownership History:

I’m the original owner of this Airstream trailer. I lived in Oregon at the time I made the purchase. I took the trailer cross country to stay with my parents in NY during the summer of 2022. In 2023, I moved to NY. I took the opportunity to hitch up the trailer and spend 3 months on the road visiting family and friends down the west coast, through the south, and finally up the east coast to NY.

Why did you select this model?

I mostly travel alone, and often do remote computer work while on the road. This model is the perfect size for me. It’s spacious and comfortable but compact enough to be easy to tow and maneuver. It is also the smallest model that has the double axle, which I wanted for safety and stability.

Why are you selling?

My parents are aging and in need of frequent assistance. Things are changing quickly for them. I will not be able to use my Airstream nearly as much as I’d hoped, for the foreseeable future. I love my Airstream but do not want it to just sit around. So, it’s time to let it go to someone who is able to make good use of it.

Exterior Condition Description:

The exterior is in great condition, and it has not needed any repairs. The trailer spent its first winter in Oregon in covered outdoor storage. It spent its second winter (in NY) indoors in climate-controlled storage.

Hail Damage?

This Airstream has never sustained any hail damage.

Aluminum Body Panels:

All panels are original.

Filaform Damage?

I have not observed any filiform damage.

Roof Vents and Skylights:

This trailer has two powered roof vents and one skylight. All are in good condition. Both vents have Maxair covers.

Exterior Hatch Covers and Locks:

All hatch covers have original locks that work.

Windows, Seals and Operators:

All windows operate as designed.

Entrance Door:

Door is in good condition and original locks work. Screen door is in good condition. Screen door may need alignment. It can pop open slightly while walking in trailer.


The trailer has full awning package – manual awnings. The package includes the main awning, plus one in the rear and one on the side opposite the door. Awnings have never been used. The only time awnings were deployed was the day of delivery. Once out of storage within the next couple of weeks, I will be checking their condition.

Front A-Frame Condition:

The front A-frame is in good condition. There are some small spots of surface rust along the frame.

Rear Bumper / Exposed Frame Condition:

The rear bumper is sound. Like other areas of the frame, there are some small spots of visible surface rust.

Frame Condition:

The frame is structurally sound. There are some spots of surface rust.


No soft spots, gaps or holes have been observed.

Belly Pan:

The belly pan is original, and in-tact.

Interior Layout and Condition:

The interior decor is sunlit maple with Seattle Mist Ultraleather. It is a rear corner bed layout. The only spot that has had repair is a small spot on the floor, where the surface covering sustained a small hole when an item was dropped. It was sealed over during one of my dealership visits. There are also currently a few popped interior rivets which I plan to replace.

Dinette Style and Location:

The dinette is located in the front of the trailer. It can be folded down and converted to a sleeping area.

Bathroom Location and Style:

The bathroom is in the rear of the trailer. The shower and toilet are behind a clever swing-out door which can be closed in a way to provide normal room in the bathroom or folded in the opposite way to allow for more room near the bed. The lavvy sink is not actually in the bathroom but is outside, right next to it. All fixtures are original and are in good working condition.




No pets have ever been in the trailer.

Sleeping Areas:

Besides the bed, there are two other areas where people can sleep – the side bench and the convertible dinette area. The Airstream says the sleeping capacity is 6, but in reality, I would say 4-5. The corner bed is no bigger than a normal twin bed. It might be tight for two larger people. The side bench may have a way to extend for two people, but I have not tried it. The convertible dinette area seems to have enough room for two average sized people.

Mattress and Sleeping Surfaces:

The corner bed has a nice, comfortable mattress. The other sleeping areas are the ultra-leather bench cushions.

Interior Soft Surfaces – Cushions / Fabrics / Upholstery:

All interior is original, and in good condition. Upholstery is the Airstream “ultra-leather”. There are some small, faint stains from the occasional encounter with trailer grease.

Curtains and Blinds:

Curtains and blinds are all original and in good working condition.

Interior Walls:

The interior walls are aluminum in this model. They are in good condition, but there are a few popped interior rivets.

Cabinets, Doors, and Counters:

Cabinets are all original and in good condition. Some cabinets and drawers have some rub marks inside, especially in the bottoms, from items moving while in transit.

Floor Coverings:

The floor covering is original. It is some type of slightly cushioned plastic covering. There is only one small, patched spot near the door where an item dropped and punctured the plastic covering.

Stove and Oven:

The trailer has a Furrion RV 3-burner gas range and stove. It is located about the middle of the trailer on the door side.


The refrigerator is a Nova Kool 12V electric, 6.8 cu ft. It has a separate freezer below the refrigerator..

Furnace / Space Heater:

There is a forced air gas furnace, and also a separate electric heat pump which is a feature of the air conditioner.

Other Appliances:

Backup camera; TV; 90W solar panel with controller which is connected to the electrical system; 12V sound system; Blu-ray player; Airstream “Connected” cellular/WIFI receiver with internal WIFI hotspot.

Plumbing – Water Lines, Water Pump:

The water pump was replaced at the end of 2022. Otherwise, the plumbing is original.

Hot Water Heater:

There is a gas-fueled tankless hot water heater. The controller for the hot water heater was replaced at the end of 2022.

Sinks and Taps:

All sinks and taps are original and there are no known issues.


The toilet is the original installed toilet and is in good condition.

Water leaks / Water damage? Mold or Mildew?

There are no known water leaks, and no mold or mildew has been observed.

Fresh Water Tank:

The trailer has the original 35 gallon freshwater tank which is in good condition.

Gray Water Tank:

The trailer has the original 31 gallon grey water tank which is in good condition.

Black Water Tank:

The original 19 gallon black water tank was replaced at the end of 2022. A hairline fracture was found at the dealership service department.

Exterior Water / Sewer Connections:

All connections are working and in good condition.

Air Conditioner:

There is one Dometic air conditioner, which also has a heat pump feature. Air from the unit blows through vents in the ceiling. The unit does require 30A to operate. 13,500 BTU.

Electrical Service:

The trailer has a single 30A connection which is the original smart plug connection.

Solar / Batteries / Invertor / Converter:

There are two marine grade AGM batteries, and a 90W rooftop solar panel with controller. All electrical items are original.

Sound System / WiFi / Connectivity:

There is a 12V Bluetooth connectable sound system with once subwoofer and speakers at the front and rear of the trailer. There is an installed Airstream “Connected” WIFI system which receives from cellular or WIFI, and routs to an internal WIFI hotspot. There is an external cable TV coax connector.

LP / Propane System – Tanks, Hoses, Regulator:

The propane system has the two original 30 gallon tanks and regulator which are in good condition. There is a low-pressure external LP connector which can be used with a grill designed to connect to that type of service.

When was the last time this Airstream was towed / driven?

April 30, 2023- Driven about 8 miles from indoor climate-controlled storage for the winter, to its outdoor parking place.

Trailer Weight:

Between 5000 (base) and 6000 (max) lbs.

Trailer Tongue Weight:

675 lbs.

Trailer Maximum Weight (GVWR):

6000 lbs.





Brakes and Bearings:

Original. Checked during the summer. 2023.

Emergency Breakaway Cable / Safety Chains:

All are in place. Testing status unknown.

Hitch Receiver Size:

2 5/16″

Signal and Marker Lights / Pigtail / Trailer Wire Configuration:

All lights are working – no known issues.

Weight Distribution Hitch:

Equalizer sway control hitch included.

Is this Airstream Safe to Tow or Drive?

The trailer is safe to tow. There are no known safety issues.

Accessories Included with Sale:

Water hoses, wheel blocks, sewer hoses, electrical cables, electrical connector adapters, electrical surge protector, tire pressure monitoring kit with console, backup camera with console, other misc. water connectivity items, Blu Technology water filter, stabilizer jack pads, awning tools, wheel levelers, Proven Locks hitch lock (as seen in photos), Goodyear Endurance spare tire and low pressure Weber propane grill shown in pictures.

Other comments or notes you would like the buyer to know?

The trailer is scheduled for service at the Airstream factory in May, 2024.

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