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Globe Trotter

St. George
, Utah
Last Modified December 18, 2022
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Globe Trotter

St. George
, Utah

27′ FTB – front twin bed. This is hands down our favorite bed configuration for two people – it frees up lots of floor space for getting dressed (so you don’t have to dress in the kitchen). also provides for a longer bed at 80″ (I’m 6’3″), additional under the beds, both outside and inside.

Will consider trade for equity in real estate.

What are the best advantages of purchasing a slightly used Airstream? All the factory warranty issues have been addressed, the owner has added and includes all the necessary accessories and equipment to go camping this weekend, and some tweaks (improvements to Airstream – if that is possible) have been made. This one has it all!

See attached screen grabs from 2020 Globetrotter brochure for standard features. Or go here to study the original 2020 Globetrotter offering:

Dealer/Factory added upgrades:

1. For boondocking geeks: 4 factory mounted solar panels (360 watts)
2. For power geeks: Dual lithium batteries (Highest amp rated Expion360 VPR Power Mod EV-V120 dual lithium batteries installed in exterior storage compartment, with EV-BM350 battery monitor mounted in the bedroom for easy status reference). Renogy Rover PG charge controller (with App for monitoring).
3. For AV geeks: 32” Samsung TV in Dining Area (factory TV is only 24”), with ZVOX sound bar.
4. For connection geeks: Pepwave onboard wifi with roof mounted cellular antennae.
5. Factory Dual A/C units
6. Standard Slide-out microwave (not the convection microwave in the stove)..

Accessories included:

1. Apple TV (dining room TV only)
2. Camco Evox2 two stage water filter
3. Warmguard exterior electric blanket for water filter to prevent freezing
4. Camco electric water supply hose to prevent freezing
5. 5’ insulated hose to connect water filter to trailer, to prevent freezing
6. Propane hose to connect to long term site propane supply
7. Propane hose to connect BBQ Grill to trailer propane supply
8. Equal-i-zer sway control / weight distribution hitch
9. Mini chest-of-drawers at foot of each bed (for socks, underwear, etc.), with top basket for “stuff”.
10. TV trays (we like to leave the dining table down for watching TV, and stow the trays after eating)
11. Digital clock near TV
12. Full length carpet runner
13. Decorative pillows throughout
14. 20 amp, 30 amp, 50 amp connectors, with power surge protector
15. Various blocking and chocks for setting up camp
16. Torque wrench for maintaining wheels and hitch settings
17. Proven tongue lock and hitch lock – keyed with same key
18. Tire covers

Modifications (better than Airstream!):

1. Full length mirror inside wardrobe closet door
2. Adjustable heat supply grill in dining room to perfectly balance propane heat system (with factory fixed supply grill, the dining room is hot and the bedroom is cold)
3. Removal of corrugated sleeve on closet rod in hall closet so you can slide hangers
4. Hooks in hall closet for belts.
5. Hooks on exterior of short closet for hats, backpacks, shower towels
6. Closet rods in short closets are raised up several inches so a full sized shirt can hang straight.

The above list represents several thousand dollars of improvements and upgrades, and many hours of labor and experience to make this trailer truly road-worthy, shaving many hours and trips from your learning curve. Just pick up where we left off, and enjoy both the journey and the destination!

And why are we selling this gem? We are ready for the 30’. We started with the 25’. And we started the whole process by eyeing the 16’. It’s an addiction, I confess. You just have to start somewhere, and see where you end up!

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