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Globe Trotter

Heber City
, Utah
Last Modified May 18, 2023
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Globe Trotter

Heber City
, Utah

Hello Airstream community!

We are posting for the second time about selling our 2022 30RB Globtrotter.

We are modifying our initial asking price and some details so we can hopefully find a great new owner for this beautiful unit. We are offering it at $110,000 (which is an amazing price- details explained below)

First things first: Why are we selling?

When we left New York in May 2022, we knew we would be on the road for a long time, but we quickly realized we needed a larger setup. And so, a few months later, we ordered a 33f Classic. When our fantastic dealership told us it would take 14-16 months to get it, we were shocked, but guess what- most of these months passed, and we are now looking at picking it up right after the summer.

What are we selling? And for how much?

We are selling our beloved 2022 30RB Globetrotter. It is in London Grey/ Natural Elm colorway. When we arrive at Jackson Center for our annual service on mid-June 23, it will have traveled roughly 11k miles. (More about that annual service down below)
I am attaching the window sticker with the complete list of features.
We initially posted it with a price of $135,000 (which we feel is fair). Still, we are looking to see if anyone is on the market for a unit like this and will want to pick it up from Heber City in Utah and either take it to service in Ohio scheduled on June 14th or do the service at your own time and place.
If there is a buyer willing to pick it up in Utah- we are willing to sell it for $110,000.

Is anything else included?

I am happy you asked! We are including the ProPride hitch that we bought at the same time as the Airstream. We will purchase a new hitch for the new trailer.
We are including level mate pro and TST tire pressure system with it.
Original warranty is for 3 years- a year had passed. 3-1=2.
2 years left.
We also purchased an extended warranty at the dealership, which is transferable to the new owner. (good for 4 more years)

Tell me about that Jackson Center scheduled service…

Overall we had exactly 0 issues while traveling. Aside from a few rivets that popped out (that we will fix in our upcoming appointment).
However, we discovered while washing the Airstream and removing the front rock guard that it was probably not appropriately curved at manufacturing time and was rubbing against the front left panel.
Jackson Center recommended bringing it in, and they will replace that panel- it is under warrenty.

What is your timeline?

As we are now looking for a buyer in Heber City, Utah, we will be here until mid-June, and a potential buyer can pick it up any time between now and June 10th.

Attached are photos- all were taken within the last couple of weeks. Night shots are for the atmosphere.

If I missed anything, I will update this post.
Thank you for reading!

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