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St. Petersburg
, Florida
Last Modified April 14, 2024
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St. Petersburg
, Florida


2022 Airstream Interstate Touring Coach For Sale!

πŸš™ There are a lot of Interstates for sale – here’s what makes this one different:

🌐 PepWave Max BR1 Dual Router/Poynting Antenna – Stay connected wherever you roam with a top-tier internet setup, including a Verizon SIM and an open slot for additional connectivity.

πŸ“Ά WeBoost Cell Amp – Boost your cell signal in the most remote locations, ensuring you’re always just a call or click away from the rest of the world.

πŸš— TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Travel with peace of mind knowing your tires are under constant surveillance, with steel valve stems added for dual wheels.

πŸ”οΈ White Mountain Shelf – Enjoy extra storage with a custom shelf above the driver and passenger seats, complete with padding for added protection.

πŸ”Œ Bluetooth 30 Amp Power Watchdog Surge Protector – Protect your Airstream from unexpected power surges with a smart, Bluetooth-enabled surge protector.

πŸ”‹ 50’ 30 Amp Extension Cord – Extend your reach with a handy 50-foot extension cord, ensuring you can connect to power sources from afar.

⚑ Power-former Low Voltage Protector and Surge – Guard against low voltage and surges, keeping your electrical systems safe and sound.

πŸ‘œ Duffle for Surge, Power Cable, and Extension – Organize and transport your electrical essentials with ease, thanks to a dedicated duffle bag.

πŸ’§ β€œBattle Spare” Water Pump – Never be without water, with a backup pump ready to step in when needed.

πŸ› οΈ Service β€œA” and β€œB” – Rest assured with complete service records from Mercedes of Clearwater, indicating this Airstream is in top mechanical condition.

🌑️ Temp Sensor & Reefer/Freezer Temp Sensors – Keep a close eye on temperature conditions inside your Airstream with a remote unit and additional sensors for your refrigerator and freezer.

πŸ“‘ CB Radio – Stay connected to fellow travelers and get updates on road conditions with an onboard CB radio.

πŸ”Œ Four 12VDC Plugs – Power up your gadgets without clutter, thanks to strategically placed plugs and no messy wires in view.

πŸ›‘οΈ Airstream and Mercedes Warranties – Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with remaining warranties, covering both your Airstream and its Mercedes chassis.

πŸ’¦ External City Water Pressure Regulator – Ensure your water pressure is always perfect, with an external regulator complete with a gauge.

πŸ“¦ Four Obe Net Storage Pockets – Keep your essentials organized and within reach with strategically placed net storage pockets throughout the coach.

This Airstream is a true haven for tech-savvy travelers and those who appreciate the finer details that make a journey more enjoyable. With comprehensive upgrades focused on connectivity, safety, and convenience, it’s ready to take you on your next adventure in absolute comfort. For inquiries, direct your questions to [email protected] and embark on a journey that blends luxury with the thrill of the open road.

🌈 Interior Features:
Luxurious Interstate GT layout with fully automatic, reversible driver and passenger seats.
Motorized rear couch that transforms into a large, comfortable bed.
Equipped with drawer-style freezer and microwave.
Wet type bathroom including shower, sink, and commode.
Pristine gray leatherette upholstery and light gray fabric-coated walls.
Non-smoking, dachshund-friendly interior.

🏞️ Exterior and Technical Features:
Immaculate condition with all original aluminum body panels.
Hydraulic automatic leveling system and air ride suspension.
Poynting MIMO 5G antenna with advanced modem.
Powered Magic Vent with rain sensor and fully operational windows and seals.
Powered entrance door and window blinds, plus WeatherTech Window Shades.
Fitted with sturdy Continental 215/85R16 tires.

🌍 Power and Sustainability:
400-watt solar package with a 1000-watt inverter/50 amp converter.
Dual 100 Ah LiFePO4 coach batteries.
2.5 kW LPG Onan GenSet with auto-start.
Tankless gas water heater – 60,000 BTU On Demand.

πŸ›£οΈ Driving Features:
Built on a 2022 Mercedes RWD Sprinter 3500 chassis.
3L turbo diesel, seven-speed automatic transmission.
Equipped with Adaptive Cruise, Lane Assist, and other safety features.
Achieves an impressive 17.3 MPG at 77-80 MPH.

πŸ“’ Why Sell This Marvel?
Due to personal circumstances, the owner is parting with this beloved road trip champion. It remains under Mercedes and Airstream warranties and is meticulously maintained.

🎁 Additional Equipment:
Includes Bluetooth Power Watchdog with low power protection, a 30 amp Autoformer, and various travel-enhancing “support equipment”.

πŸ”‘ In Conclusion:
An unparalleled opportunity for couples seeking a premium road trip experience. All maintenance is up-to-date, and it’s road-ready.
Contact: [email protected] for showing arrangements or more information.

πŸ“Œ Additional Information:

Purchased new from Airstream of Tampa for touring and light camping.
Exterior and interior in pristine condition with numerous functional and luxury features.
Includes a host of additional accessories for a comprehensive and enjoyable travel experience.

πŸ“ž Direct Contact: [email protected]

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