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Flying Cloud

, Florida
Last Modified September 12, 2023
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Flying Cloud

, Florida

We have had a life changing family event occur, so we are looking to pass on our gently used 2023 30ft Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk to some new owners <3 We planned on living in it full time and traveling for a couple of years, so we put a lot of work into making it a home. We left South Dakota in it this June, and now we are currently in the Miami Florida area. This Airstream is ready to hit the road, inside and out. It comes with all items required to setup and maintain the Airstream. We do not want to ship a lot of our items home, so it also comes with most of the items inside the airstream as well. This Airstream is also still under the manufacturer warranty until 12/27/2023.

What is different about our airstream:
* $17,000 after market Solar upgrade. (This came in handy for rving off grid and avoiding the overpriced rv parks!)
-400 watts of solar on roof
-200 watt go power solar suitcase
-3k watt victron inverter
-2 GameChanger Battle Born
batteries (540AH)
-Victron Solar charge controller
-Victron Smart Shunt (to measure
battery charge in percentage)
-Victron Cerbo GX
-Victron GX 50 Touch Display
(Controls and monitors solar system)
System is also Bluetooth enabled to
connect to smartphone.
-Battery heat pad switch to keep
batteries warm in cold climates
-All installation was done by an
airstream technician from RV
One. Proof of work order and
receipt of payment available.

* Blue Ox Sway Pro Weight Distribution
Hitch (All parts included, including
hitch, sway bars, and hitch lock)

* Soft starts installed for both ACs

* Transferable RV Complete 5 year extended warranty starting from 12/27/2022 and ending 12/27/2027 (Valued at $9,000) Covers everything from scratches in leather, tire and wheel replacement, fixing appliances or items that do not work, road side assistance, to dents on the outside of airstream. Contracts available.

* Over $5,000 worth of high end RV gear to setup, maintain, and secure the RV
-Leather Tounge Jack Cover
-Ft. Knox Enclosed Coupler Puck
-Two tire boots to lock tires
-Ox Block Trailer Block
-Snap Pads for all four stabilizers
-2 BAL X Chocks
-4 heavy duty rubber tire chocks
-Tire Trailer Aide (In case of flat tire)
-Torque Wrench
-Anderson Levelers
-4 collapsable traffic cones
-50 amp extension cord
-15 amp and 30 amp adapters
-Progressive Industries 50Amp
EMS/Surge Protector
-Cable lock for surge protector
-Cable lock and locks for portable
solar suitcase
-Electrical Storage Bag/
Accessories(Yellow Bag)
-Accessories Storage bag (Green
-Black Water Storage Bag/
Accessories (Black Bag)
-Fresh Water Storage Bag/
Accessories (Blue Bag)
-2 Waterdrop inlet water filters
-Zero G flexible grey water hose
-Zero G flexible fresh water hose
-Camco heated water hose
-Wrap it storage straps for all cords
and hoses
-Camco RhinoFLEX 20-Foot RV
Sewer Hose Kit
-Bucket of black tank treatment
-Soft Bristle Extender Brush for
washing RV
-Motion sensor lights for RV
-Camco sidewinder rv sewer
-Level Mate Pro+ (Easily level your
rv with your phone)
-Mopeka Propane Monitors for
both tanks (Monitor by phone or
display on wall)
-TST Tire Pressure Monitoring
System for RV tires
-Backup Camera System

* Interior Upgrades and items included:
-Oxygenics shower head
-Totchta Hyperflo Moisture
Underlay for Queen Bed to
prevent moisture/mold
-Decorative Couch Pillows
-Wall storage bin in bathroom
-Popup side table in kitchen for
extra counter space
-Hanging fruit hammock in
-Convection microwave
-$1,000 Breville Barista Pro
Espresso Machine (Still under
warranty, mounted to counter
with quake putty)
-$400 Berkey Gravity Fed Table
Top Water Filter with two
charcoal filters.
Easily secured on pop up table
in kitchen.
-$700 Cordless Dyson V11
outsize vacuum mounted on
-Swiffer wet jet mop
-All cleaning items
-All pots, pans, cutlery,
dishware, toaster, cutting board,
pop up dish rack, hand towels
-All storage and organizing
-Wall mounted shelf in bedroom
-Low watt air purifier and
dehumidifier in bedroom
-Absorbent microfiber dog mat
-Mudbuster to clean dogs dirty
-Bunk Area was converted into a
dog kennel.
All items are included if you
would like to keep the area as a
dog kennel.
[Easy feeder, hepa low watt
pet air filter, retractable dog
gate. All items are
secured to floor for safe travel.]
(We also have
the original mattresses that are
still in their original plastic wrap
in our storage unit. Delivery of
these can be arranged.

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