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Globe Trotter

Daytona Beach
, Florida
Last Modified January 23, 2024
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Globe Trotter

Daytona Beach
, Florida

***** See last pic for price breakdown *****

We would like to introduce you to our dear sweet 30’ Globetrotter Amelia, who is named after Amelia Earhart.

We purchased her on August 25th, 2023 and she’s had a one week road trip from Spokane, WA. down to Flagstaff, AZ., then across to Daytona Beach, FL. where she has been ever since.

She is a 30′ Rear Queen Bed Globetrotter in the Copenhagen Cream decor package and is fully decked out to be your home away from home.

She is fully set-up for off-road remote leisure and work (if you have to) activities (did someone say Snowbird Ready!?), and has a tonne of extras added to make your adventures as seamless and fun as possible.

You will see how we had our home office set up with one monitor on a monitor arm that you can move if you needed to have full use of the table.

The table has two sets of legs, as well as caps for the floor mounts to make it as flush as can be. The closet has two storage configurations for the table legs mounted to the wall so that you can store them when they are not in use. If you use the shorter legs, you can lower the table to be made into another double bed to sleep six.

Initially we were interested in the Airstream Pottery Barn for the comfy couch in the living room, so we compromised and brought in our own couch cushions and comforter to DIY a couch set up. This is pictured with the black and white comforter set up. We can include the couch back cushions and some of the throw pillows in this set up if you are interested.

This model comes with the propane stove/oven and the microwave. We have never used the microwave and instead opted to use the microwave space for additional storage. See pics.

– 300W Solar Package
– WeBoost Cell Booster
– Starlink Roam Dish and Router Installation **
– Hard-wired Surge Protection
– 2 x 6V AGM Batteries
– Level Mate Pro Levelling Kit
– Ultrabreeze Fan Cover
– 32″ Free Signal Transit Platinum Smart TV (We upgraded the living room TV and moved the living room TV to the bedroom.) **
– Blue Ox Sway Bar **
– Tire & Wheel Protection Package
– Nanocure Ceramic Protective Coating
– Upgraded the stove top to a cast iron top for more usable cooking surfaces

** Starlink, Blue Ox Sway Bar and Smart TV can be removed if not required.

We have only had her coming up on 3 months, so the 33 month Airstream Warranty is transferable to you, as well as 81 months of Nanocure Ceramic Protective Coating and 57 months of Tire and Wheel Protection.

We will also be including water and sewer hoses, hose bags, 1 x 50V-30V and 1 x 30V-110V converter plugs, black and gray tank treatments, a Y-adapter so that you can keep your fresh and tank flush hoses hooked-up, as well as indoor/outdoor Airstream floor mats and an exterior pad mat for your trailer-side hangout space.

If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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